Why is Star Tech a great alternative to a local main dealer?

Independent car servicing in Poole

Whenever leaving your car to be worked on or fixed, be it Mercedes, BMW, Mini or Smart, you want to be confident that it is in safe hands. For that reason, a lot of people think that main dealers are the most trustworthy option.

Whilst we can’t deny that their servicing and repairs are done to an exceptional standard, there are alternatives that people should consider. Doing so could save you a considerable amount of money over a year!

When looking for a Mercedes garage Poole or BMW garage Poole, choose Star Tech

We strive to save you money

There are potentially sky-high costs that can be incurred at main dealerships, you are essentially paying for the branding and the services are more expensive just because of the name Mercedes or BMW. At an independent service centre like Star Tech for Mercedes Poole & BMW Poole you will receive the same, if not a better standard of servicing and a more personal experience with friendly staff.

Due to our status as an independent service centre, we are able to adjust our processes as and when we want, not having to stick to the strict corporate guidelines and set prices that are in place at main dealers. This means we can offer great prices on servicing, MOTs, repairs, and diagnostics, simply contact our service centre to find out more about our unbeatable services and pricing.

BMW & Mercedes Car repairs in Poole

Our technicians only use genuine parts and equipment, another reason why we rival local main dealers. All our car repairs Poole and car servicing in Poole are completed to the highest quality with the parts specific to you Mercedes, BMW, Mini or Smart.

The parts are the same, and our team are main dealer trained with superior knowledge but our prices are much more affordable for you, why would you choose to go to a local main dealer?

If you are interested in learning more about our pricing and services, give Star Tech a call on 01202 694758 today.

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