Spring Car Maintenance

Spring Car Maintenance

Now that Winter is over and we can be relatively confident that we’ve seen the last of the frosty mornings and the evenings are rapidly getting lighter, Spring is in the air!

Every car owner should be preparing their vehicle for the spring and summer months by carrying out some maintenance to ensure it is in top shape and performing well.

Wash away the Winter muck

Spring cleaning is a term often referred to when tidying up the house, but springtime is also an appropriate time for you to clean your car! Over the rainy months your vehicle will have picked up a lot dirt and sediment all over that can cause more damage than you may think if left unattended.

The paintwork, wheels and windows are the obvious areas that people will clean to get rid of the built up muck. It is likely that salt and other substances will be part of the muck, therefore it is important to use car shampoo and warm water once the majority of the dirt has been removed with a pressurised hose.

It is also important that you pay attention to the underside of your car. In the wheel arches and the underbody often get overlooked but they are always coated in churned up detritus. If left unattended, corrosion can occur which could lead to costly repairs in the future. Get on your hands and knees and hose underneath the car!

Check your alignment and suspension

With more rain falling and increasing the vulnerability of tarmac surfaces, winter often sees the rise in potholes on the roads. It is almost inevitable that you will have driven over at least several in the last few months, some deeper and more damaging than others.

Every time that you hit a pothole, especially if you are travelling at a substantial speed, the alignment of your wheels will shift slightly. You should get into the habit, whatever the season, of checking that your tyres line up straight when your steering wheel is centred. If they are off centre, bring you car to Star Tech and we can sort it out!

There is also a chance that your suspension will have taken a bit of a knocking, and whilst that is its purpose, you should book your car in if the driving feels odd. Better to be safe than sorry.

Inspect your brakes

Properly functioning brakes are vital to the safety of your car. Excessive rain and salt on the roads caking onto your car can negatively affect the performance of the brakes. Contact Star Tech and we can make sure that there aren’t any potentially dangerous issues with the brake pads, and if there are we can replace them for you using genuine BMW, Mercedes, Mini or Smart Car parts.

Star Tech can help you

If you’re a Mercedes, BMW, Smart or Mini Poole owner, we can help you with Spring car maintenance. Having in-house specialist for these manufacturers, we know what is best for your vehicle.

If you would like any service, repair or MOT from Star Tech, fill out an enquiry form or call directly on 01202 694758.

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