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Why own a Smart Car?

Smart is a branch of Mercedes that manufactures cars that are ultimately designed for city driving. These compact urban cars have become a firm favourite of people living in cities around the world.

Smart Poole owners know that their cars are an excellent run around vehicle, and at Star Tech we can make sure that your car is running as smoothly as possible.

Models available

Whilst all their models have the same principle of being small and easy to drive in busy urban areas, they do produce models other than the well recognised 2 seater. The models available today are:

  • Smart Fortwo
  • Smart Roadster
  • Smart Forfour

Why do people choose Smart?

They are admittedly not the most attractive vehicles, but Smart must be doing something right to make people want to buy their cars. Aside from the easy driving in busy places and the ability to squeeze into the tightest parking spot, there are plenty of benefits to owning a Smart car.

The cars are designed for maximum fuel efficiency, regularly getting between 55 – 60 miles to the gallon, an impressive figure. To go with the financial benefits of not having to fill up so often, Smart cars are also more environmentally friendly than most by emitting fewer pollutants.

People often instantly assume that Smart cars are unsafe due to being so small and therefore not offering much protection, in fact they perform just as well as small sedans in the rigorous crash tests they have to go through.

Choose Star Tech for Smart Poole service centre

We can help you by carrying out servicing, repairs and MOTs on your Smart car. Smart Car servicing and your annual MOT will ensure that your car is always running efficiently. If you ever need any repairs done, you can be confident that they will be completed to an exceptional standard because we only use genuine Smart equipment and parts.

The majority of our technicians have had training and gained extensive experience at local Mercedes dealers, meaning they are well experienced at working on Smart models.

To arrange car servicing Poole or repairs on your Smart car, contact us on 01202 694758, or fill out our online enquiry form.

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