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It’s safe to say that over the 10 years we’ve operated, a lot of BMWs have received the Star Tech service, and they’re not called ‘Ultimate driving machines’ for no reason. So what is it that makes BMW’s so popular?


BMW cars are classed as a premium brand, most of the series are fairly powerful cars, however they haven’t lost the importance of keeping the cars economical. Many BMWs can manage up to 50MPG, so are still very practical to run.

Stylish interiors

They never fail to impress with the interiors, if you are purchasing a new BMW you can personalise it to an inch of it’s life, with various upholstery and trim options, and an abundance of  technology options, from sat-navs to in car wi-fi and entertainment systems, they have covered off all bases.

Built to last

BMW was established in 1916, with over 100 years experience and over 100 models to date, they don’t have any plans of slowing down. In fact, in 2015 BMW Group achieved a market share of 8.7 per cent of the total UK car market.*  


If you have ever driven any BMW, whether it’s 20 years old, or 2 years old, we reckon you will notice a massive difference in the steering and overall drive of a BMW compared to most car models. The steering is light, but you will still feel like you have full control, BMW handling is second to none.  

BMW repairs Poole

Star Tech are a BMW repairs Poole specialist car centre, our expert team of staff and specialists will be on hand for servicing, diagnostics, repairs and MOTs – we only use genuine parts, tools and fluids so you car will be in safe hands. What’s more, we won’t let your car leave us before getting a full valet, all on us! Get in contact with us now on 01202 694758 for BMW repairs Poole.


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