Tips for keeping your Mercedes maintained this Autumn

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Regular simple maintenance will help keep your Mercedes in good nic and will save you an expensive car garage bill in the long run. As we are coming into autumn and winter, there are some checks you should perform before making any long trips. Here are our 3 top tips for Mercedes maintenance:  

  1. Check your levels. Firstly checking your antifreeze level and strength to make sure it has the right temperature rating, checking your engine oil level and making sure it is filled with the correct grade. Lastly making sure your windscreen wipers are clearing the screen properly and you have a winter windscreen washer additive added to your washer fluid ready for the freezing temperatures.
  2. Don’t neglect your tyres. Checking your tyres is crucial at any time of the year, but even more so in winter. Your tread depth should be at least 3mm, as stopping distances can be significantly reduced if your tyres are not properly maintained or changed when they are worn out. You may also want to consider purchasing a set of winter tyres as these are generally recommended once it gets below +7°C.

  3. Regularly clean your Mercedes. Cleaning your car shouldn’t wait until your number plate is nearly impossible to see. By removing any dirt from the exterior of your Mercedes you will reduce damage to the paintwork and the risk of rust occurring. Being seen and being able to see in poor visibility can be improved by checking your lights regularly and carrying a spare bulb kit so you can replace a bulb as soon as it goes out. Cleaning your headlights with a proper cleaning kit can also help their performance.

Did you know? The penalty charge for not having effective brake lights is 3 points on your licence and a £60 fine!

Need a quality technician you can trust for your Mercedes maintenance?

Star Tech have been maintaining and servicing Mercedes in Dorset for over 10 years now and Matt Peacock, MD has seen his fair share of issues that could have been avoided by regular maintenance.

If you are unsure about any of the advice that we have suggested for autumn car maintenance, then feel free to pop us a call on 01202 694758. Our team will be on hand to help or answer any questions you have.

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