Driving in fog; are you up to speed with the dangers?

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Driving in fog; are you up to speed with the dangers?

Driving in fog has to be one of the worst weather conditions to drive in, as bad visibility can have a massive effect on your driving ability. So what should you consider and do you know the dangers?

When is fog most likely to occur?

Fog is more likely to strike during the winter months, however it can occur throughout the whole year. Fog is caused by water droplets that float suspended in the air, essentially causing a low cloud. Keep an eye on the forecast so you are prepared for fog on roads.

When should I turn on my fog lights?

You should only use your fog lights when your visibility drops below 100 metres, the equivalent of the length of a football pitch! (Highway Code, rule 226)

Some insurance providers can invalidate any claim if you are involved in an accident and are found to have not been using your fog lights.

Did you know? It’s illegal to use fog lights when they are not required, as this can blind other drivers on the road.

I am unsure if my car has fog lights…

You may notice that your car only has rear fog lights and not front, this is fairly normal as it’s only a legal requirement to have the rear ones. Fog lights are labelled with an icon and tend to be situated next to the steering wheel.

How to prepare for fog this winter

Remember that your visibility will be significantly reduced when you are driving in fog and therefore will leave you more vulnerable to not seeing potential hazards in front of you. Because of this danger, you should take extra precautions to make sure you’re prepared, these include:

  • Carrying a high visibility jacket in case you breakdown or have an accident
  • Keeping a hazard triangle in your car  
  • Clearing the windscreen and mirrors
  • Ensuring you have effective and working lights

For more information and tips on winter driving…

We regularly update our blog with tips and car advice and have a selection of winter driving tips available to read, from what to do if you breakdown and purchasing winter tyres. Take a look at our other blog entries here.

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