Dealing with floods. Top tips from Matt Peacock

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Dealing with floods. Top tips from Matt Peacock

With November and December receiving the award for most amount of rainfall during the year, averaging 10 days each month, it’s no surprise the UK gets hit with some serious flooding issues over winter!  

Here are Matt Peacock’s top tips for dealing with floods:

Slow down

This may seem obvious, but many people overlook this simple action when driving in heavy rain and floods.

This is especially important if you are passing high water with another vehicle coming in the opposite direction. This can cause a bow wave which will have serious negative effects to your engine and air intake.

Don’t forget, aquaplaning can occur when there is just 2.5mm of water on the surface of the road!

Avoid a penalty

Most people don’t know that you can actually incur a fine and points on your licence if you throw water onto pavements, soaking cyclists and pedestrians. The penalty fine can be as high as £2500 in some cases!

Check your brakes

Driving through moving water, such as a ford can affect your car’s brakes drastically. For your safety it’s important to always check your brakes after driving through water.

You can lose control of your car in just 1 foot of water and your car will start to float, which leaves you completely out of control of your vehicle.

Unsure? Turn around

If you’re unsure on the depth of the water, don’t risk it. It takes very little water to do a lot of damage, so before it’s too late, just turn around.

Find an alternative route

We would always recommend that if you suspect a flood that you try to find an alternative route, or if possible avoid making the trip out. This is 100% the only way you can avoid the above dangers.

Get in contact

If you think your car may have been affected by water or flooding, we would recommend getting in contact with us so we can check your engine. It takes just the equivalent of an egg cup of water to wreck your engine*.

Star Tech can assist or answer any questions you may have regarding your BMW, Mercedes, Smart or Mini so call us on 01202 697933 or via our contact form here.

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