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Here at Star Tech, I take pride in the fact that my technicians have all had many years with us and previously with main dealerships, servicing and repairing Smart cars.

To give an insight into Smart cars and how we care for them at Star Tech, I caught up with Jon who is one of our Smart car specialist.

How long have you been working on Smart cars and Mercedes for?

I joined the main Mercedes Poole dealership in 2003 and spent 6 years there as a parts advisor. Back then, Smart cars had only recently joined the Mercedes group so looking up parts with only limited information available was a real headache.

Sourcing the right colours could also be a challenge, as owners would often swap the body panels of their car because it was a cheap way to change the colour of their car.

Following my employment with the local main dealer, I joined Star Tech as a parts advisor where I remained for 5 years before going back to Mercedes Poole as a Parts supervisor for a further 2 years. Luckily for me, I was then given the opportunity to rejoin the company I loved as the General Manager.

As a Smart car specialist, do you have a favourite?

My favourite Smart is the 2017 Forfour Brabus. The redesign of the Smart in 2015 made the car a hundred times better in my opinion. I think it’s such a great little car, that I have bought one for myself. For me, it’s the styling of the new Brabus edition, which although is subtle it makes a real head turner when compared to a standard ForFour. Changes included the overall design of interior and exterior, the fuel efficiency and size of the car in comparison to previous models.

Another reason that these are great little urban cars is that they are so easy to park due to their size and the fact they have amazing steering which means you can make the car turn in a very tight circle. This, coupled with a reversing camera makes life so easy around town.   

What’s the most common issue you see with Smart cars?

The most common problem we find with Smarts is the gearbox not selecting ‘drive’. This usually can be fixed relatively cheaply with just a software upgrade, which only Mercedes Star machines can carry out. Fortunately, Star Tech has invested in the Star machine and can do the required recoding in around an hour. In the worst case scenario, a new gearbox, clutch and actuator must be installed. This job is far more involved the parts can be expensive and can take several hours to complete.

If you could own ANY car, what would it be?

If I won the lottery and could own ANY car I would go straight to a Mercedes showroom and drive out in a C63 AMG Estate. I’m not just saying that to stay Mercedes, the AMG’s are something else and I’d want an estate for the golf clubs. I would also probably buy a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster for the weekends.

When did your love for cars start and where did it come from?

My love of cars came at a very early age and never went away. My dad is a big fan of the speedway and grass tracking so I was brought up with the sights, sounds and smells of motor racing. As I grew older I began followed touring cars, superbikes and MotoGP. Nowadays, I am a massive F1 fan and will never miss a race and the opportunity to support my favourite team – Mclaren.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Star Tech?

I don’t think I could pick just one thing about working at Star Tech. I love having the opportunity to work everyday on cards from my favourite motoring brand, Mercedes & Smart. Also, it’s a real pleasure to be part of a team of technicians with complementary skills and a level of experience that is not normally found in the independent servicing sector.  

I am especially proud of Matt’s ethos and implementing it day to day. That is what attracted me in the first place and its why I returned. Working in a few different dealerships I have seen how customers can be let down by a poor customer experience. We have all the same equipment as the main dealership, so we can do exactly the same jobs but it’s how we go about it that matters. Customer care should always be number one and that is what sets us higher. So I guess one of my favourite things is seeing customers treated correctly and driving away happy.

Want to book your vehicle in with our Smart car specialist?

If you are looking for a Smart car specialist for repairs or if your Smart car requires it’s yearly MOT, give my team a call on 01202 694758 or send us an email here. We can offer a quick and honest service and will always ask you before starting any un-signed off work.   


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