Getting the most from your Mini: Expert advice from our independent Mini specialist

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Mention Mini to most people and it captures everyone’s imagination, evoking patriotism, fun and nostalgia. This small car has a BIG attitude. With retro British inspired style, this motoring icon is renowned around the world and remains as popular today as it was when it was first launched in the 1950’s.

At Star Tech, our Independent Mini specialist loves them and we have seen more than our fair share. From the Mini Countryman to the Clubman and Convertible, Minis are definitely up there with some of our favourites.

If you have a mini you will want to keep it in great condition, so here we have our independent Mini specialists’ top tips for happy motoring.

Problems you can avoid…

Every car will eventually run into some maintenance costs but knowing how to look after your Mini will help to ensure you have fewer problems

  • Rattles, leaks and breakdowns. Simple at home maintenance in the form of checking your oil and other levels regularly can stop you from having an expensive disaster. Read this article for further advice on looking under your bonnet, especially as some mini servicing schedules run for 18,000 miles between services which can equate to between 2 to 3 years if you do low mileage.
  • Convertible roof faults. You may feel like having a convertible is a necessary luxury but problems can occur with the roof mechanism if the rails are not kept lubricated by a professional. Don’t ignore the slightest hint of a problem with the operation of the roof, it is very unlikely to solve itself but a quick lubrication with the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant may be all that is needed.
  • Wheel wobbles. It makes sense to have a wheel alignment carried out every 2 years, especially if your steering wheel is off centre when your road wheels are straight, your car pulls to the left or right or you have a vibration through your car or steering wheel when driving. This will also help to prevent uneven tyre wear.

Fast and furious?

Minis are known for their easy handling, sharp and accurate steering and smooth gear changes but this fun-loving car can break your heart if you push it too far.

A gearbox change is an expensive inconvenience which can be avoided by regular servicing and simply driving slightly more conservatively. Driving a little less heavy footed will mean your Mini will achieve better MPG, which will save you money.

Keeping the resale value high

Keeping your car in pristine condition, regular servicing and up to date MOTs and tax can really help with the resale value of your Mini. Also, try to maintain the timeless design of your Mini by minimising extra unnecessary accessories or paint jobs that will immediately put people off.

As a responsible independent Mini specialist, we would always advise you to ensure your tyres are within the legal limit and replaced as soon as they are getting too worn. Not sure how to check? Pop in and we will be pleased to help.

Thinking of buying one (or expanding your collection)?

When buying a second hand Mini, especially an older one, it can come with issues so be wise to common problems and be prepared to fully inspect the car and to quiz the current owner.

Don’t just go for the cheapest one on the market at that time. Research any potential issues, look at past invoices of work if possible and check how many owners the car has had. If it’s a lot then his can be a sign of a problem car, so proceed with caution. If in doubt, we are happy to carry out pre-purchase inspections if the current owner agrees.

Need your Mini serviced?

Our independent Mini specialist at Star Tech will confidently be able to diagnose any issues you are having with your Mini so if you need a service, repair or MOT, we can help. Read our blog on choosing a Mini service centre and for more information on Star Tech.

Remember, we always work to the manufacturer’s schedule for servicing and fit genuine Mini parts which means that you won’t lose your manufacturer’s warranty! So, save money and choose us instead of your main dealer. Give us a call on 01202 694758 or email us for more info.

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