Is it worth purchasing winter tyres?

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Matt Peacock, MD of Star Tech and Star Automotive Service Centres, shares his knowledge on winter driving.

You may have heard that colder and more demanding weather requires you to purchase a set of winter tyres for your car. In this article we tackle the pros and cons and explain if it’s worth splashing out on them.

What’s the difference between normal and winter tyres?

Winter tyres are designed to perform better in colder conditions, water, snow and ice, especially in temperatures below 7°C. The main difference, in comparison to a normal tyre, is that the grip and tread depth is optimised and uses a softer rubber.

How effective are they?

Winter tyres are most definitely more effective than everyday tyres and this will be apparent, especially in your stopping distances, traction, grip and fuel efficiency. Winter tyres will make driving in colder temperatures and on snow or ice much easier due to their design.

Do I need all four or can I combine normal and winter tyres?

You cannot combine winter tyres with normal tyres and must fit all four if you make the decision to purchase them. Winter tyres can be distinguished by the snowflake icon that you will see on the sidewall of the tyre.

How much will they cost?

There is not a set cost and it completely depends on your car and the brand of tyres you end up purchasing. For a set of 4, prices can start from around £200. If you are looking to purchase them, get in touch with our team and we can find out which ones would best suit your car and let you know the cost before fitting them.

What if I don’t need new tyres yet?

We are happy to store your present tyres over the winter months at our service centres as we do have some storage space, allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Concerned your tyres need checking?

Even if you decide not to fit winter tyres, it is still worth checking that your tyres are legal and safe. If you have any doubts, feel free to call us for advice.


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