The latest car technology explained.

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The latest car technology is explained by Matt Peacock, MD of Star Tech and Star Automotive in Poole.

Keeping our customers safe on the road.

Let us explain new car technology. It’s advancing with such momentum. We are seeing more vehicles built with intelligent systems to help assist motorists on the road.

Star Tech‘s qualified technicians have experience working with these systems and we ensure they are given the latest training and technical support. It’s a big priority for us.

We are proud to lead the way for Independent car specialists in the industry. One of our kind customers once said about us “this is no Fred in the Shed!”

Let me explain some of this new car technology.

What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS, collectively describes these smart features.

ADAS was invented to quickly warn drivers of danger and to help them avoid accidents. Not all cars have these systems and if they do, it may just be one type of system. Some of the ADAS that are available vary from rear view cameras to aid parking, to more complicated systems like Lane Departure Warning (LDW) which warns the driver if they drift from their lane. Pedestrian Protection systems feature a warning of unsafe pedestrian movement. In addition, there are more advanced systems that can actually take some control of the vehicle, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

Your car may have adaptive high beams, a collision detection system or autonomous night vision. Similarly, these are all classed as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems. Therefore, it requires specialist training and equipment to work on them.

Electric & Hybrid Cars

Environmental performance and accountability is the way forward. We are keen to invest in training and equipment for Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Plans to install an electric vehicle charging point and to promote servicing and repairs for electric/hybrid vehicles is in the pipeline as a result of us remaining at the forefront of industry change. Furthermore, our technicians have already completed the first part of their training with more to follow this year.  Approximately 1,000 technicians are trained to work on Electric or Hybrid vehicles in the UK. Most of these are in dealerships. This means many independent workshops don’t currently have a trained technician to work on hybrid or electric vehicles. Watch this space!

What is the new Air Conditioning Gas I must change to?

With all industries keen to make improvements for the environment, motor industry developers have come up with a new, cleaner air con gas. It has the fancy title of R123 4YF, replacing the old R134A gas. Hence, cars in production from 2017/18 have been fitted with this new gas.

Did you know?

You should run your air con for 10 mins every few weeks in winter which helps avoid damage to seals, removing moisture and mold. Most importantly it keeps it functioning well.

Finally, request a FREE collection and delivery service or a loan car while your car is with us. Just give our service team a call to book an appointment.

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