Holiday Driving

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Are you planning a trip away over the bank holiday?

Motoring advice for holiday driving by Matt Peacock. Offering car servicing and repairs at Star Tech and Star Automotive in Poole.

Motoring advice for holiday driving. Before setting off on a longer drive over the bank holidays, it’s advisable to check the following on your car.


Good tyre condition is vital for safety. Worryingly, badly worn tyres can drastically affect the driving performance, braking distance and are more vulnerable to punctures. A hefty fine and points on your license could come your way too! You should constantly keep an eye on your tyre treads and pressures. Top them up with air before a long drive as under inflated tyres can contribute to higher fuel consumption and uneven wear.


Holiday driving is often lengthy. Many people choose to drive at night to avoid traffic. If you are undertaking a long journey you should check all your lights work. These include headlights, brake lights, indicators, fog lights, interior and dashboard lights as well as number plate bulbs.

Top tip: Keep a supply of spare bulbs in your car – you never know when you might need to make an emergency replacement.


Before you go, check your oil level using the dipstick. If you drive a long distance with a low oil level it could seriously damage your engine. It’s very important that you use the recommended oil for your specific car model. Checking your coolant, screen wash and wiper blade function will help keep you safe on the roads.


Get a professional to check your braking system if you are in any doubt. Squealing or juddering when you brake are a possible sign of wear. Warning lights on your dash shouldn’t be ignored. Having your brake fluid level and steering alignment checked or adjusted is strongly advised before a long journey.

Locking systems

For security, it’s important that your car locks properly. The last thing you need is a temperamental locking system that can’t be trusted. Test child locks if in use and carry some spare remote batteries in your wallet or handbag (not in the car). They can go flat at the most inconvenient time! Get any locking problems checked out before you go.

Top Tip – Run your air conditioning in the weeks before travel. This will give you time to get a re-gas if needed.

It’s worth keeping emergency breakdown supplies in the boot such as a warning triangle, torch and blanket. Various kits are available to buy from retailers.

Finally, check that your breakdown cover, Mot, car insurance and tax are all up to date with plenty of time left on them. Have a safe journey!

For more motoring advice for holiday driving or to book a pre-journey check, just give our team a call on 01202 694758.

Read our blog post at our sister company, Star Automotive, for more advice on Summer driving or check out the RAC’s website for helpful articles.

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