Don’t Take Car Servicing For Granted: MINI Edition

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Wherever you go, Mini’s are just as iconic and recognisable as ever. From the trademark wide-set headlights, to the Mini wings logo, this stylish car encapsulates the essence of being British. Launched in the 1950’s, they remain as popular as it was back then. If you have a Mini and want to keep it in pristine condition, read these top tips from our independent Mini servicing specialists.

It is unrealistic to think your car will never require servicing. Every car will eventually run into maintenance or even repair costs. However, knowing how to look after your Mini will ensure you encounter less problems and save money in the long run.

Servicing your Mini regularly helps prevent frequent rattles, leaks and breakdowns. Simple maintenance such as checking oil and other levels regularly will ensure that in the long term, maintenance costs are kept as low as possible. There would be nothing more frustrating than your car breaking down unexpectedly on the side of the road. Especially if it is due to an issue that could have been easily attended to through regular servicing.

If you have a convertible, it is important that you are mindful of even the tiniest hint of an issue with the operation of the roof. All that may be required is a professional lubricating the rails to ensure the roof mechanism is working efficiently.

We recommend that you have a wheel alignment carried out every 2 years as this helps to prevent uneven tyre wear. It is especially important to do this if your steering wheel is off centre when your road wheels are straight, pulling your car to either the left or right.

Safety is something to be taken seriously. Nobody wants to be driving in a vehicle that can breakdown at any moment, ultimately leading to an accident occurring. That is simply hell on wheels. Mini’s are fantastic cars and are angels when it comes to steering and its smooth gear changes. However, they can quickly transform into devils if pushed unnecessarily hard; this can lead to issues such as having to change your clutch. Yet another issue that can easily be avoided by regularly servicing your Mini. If you are guilty of being heavy footed, bear in mind that driving a little more conservatively will mean that your Mini will achieve better MPG (miles per gallon) which in turn will save you more money.

If you wish to keep the resale value of your Mini high, keeping your car in immaculate condition and having a full service history certainly wouldn’t hurt. Additionally, avoid adding any unnecessary accessories or paint jobs as that may deter future buyers from purchasing your Mini.

You should be servicing your car every year – no ifs, no buts. Our Mini-trained technicians are at hand to ensure that your car is given the service it needs, including oil changes, minor (inspection 1) and major (inspection 2) servicing options. We cover all of Bournemouth & Poole and surrounding areas, so book your service here, or call 01202 694758.

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