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BMWs are incredibly stylish cars with strong engines that offer drivers excellent performance and comfort. However, in order to keep your BMW looking fresh and operating efficiently, it is imperative you perform regular maintenance on your car. Here are some DIY BMW maintenance tips to maximise the performance of your car.

What YOU can do to maintain your BMW

Keeping your BMW clean and tidy is something that can be easily overlooked but requires your attention. This is because dirt and other particles can cause damage to the delicate components of your BMW. A way of preventing rust and keeping your car in pristine condition is by regularly waxing your car. This can either be done by you or by going to the car wash.

Regularly check your tyres for any wear and tear as this could affect traction and the stopping distance of your BMW. This will also ensure that you avoid any penalties for tyre offences.

It goes without saying that you must drive sensibly and handle your BMW with care. This means avoid accelerating quickly, stopping abruptly and driving in an erratic fashion. Whenever possible, try to carry out any tasks or errands at once so that you avoid constantly turning your engine on and off. This avoids adding unnecessary wear on your vehicle. Consequently, your BMW will achieve better MPG (miles per gallon) and your maintenance costs will be lower.

What WE can do to maintain your BMW

The engine is the heart of your BMW so any small engine issues can lead to bigger issues in the future. Having your engine checked by our BMW specialists will ensure that you avoid unexpectedly breaking down at any point on a journey.

The cooling system is an extremely important component of your BMW. The function of the cooling system is to cool down the engine to maintain an optimal operating temperature. In order to prevent your BMW from overheating and other internal components from seizing, it is important that your cooling system is flushed every few years.

Our BMW-trained technicians are at hand to ensure that your car is given the service it requires including oil changes, minor and major servicing options. Bring it to us and we can give it a clean bill of health and return your car squeaky clean for free! Get in touch with us by calling 01202 694758 or emailing

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