How to Take Care of Your Car in Winter

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Winter is a wonderful time of year, however, along with winter comes challenging weather conditions in the form of icy roads, chilling temperatures and heavy snow. Here are some insights from our experts about how best to combat the wintry weather that lies ahead…

Maintaining your car throughout winter

It is important to keep an eye on how your battery is performing as it’s harder for a battery to function in cold weather than it is for a battery to function in warm weather. Therefore, we suggest having a volt test performed on your battery before winter starts to make sure it is working as it should. If you realise that your battery is faulty, make sure to buy a new battery as soon as possible. This will ensure you avoid being stranded in the freezing cold with a car that is refusing to start.

Antifreeze is extremely important to your vehicle. It is a liquid which is added to the car engine’s cooling systems in the colder months. Antifreeze lowers the water’s freezing point so that the cooling system is less likely to become frozen.

As winter is coming, we suggest purchasing winter tyres because they will provide you with the traction required to ensure your stopping distances are unaffected by the difficult conditions. Don’t forget to check your tyre pressures too, especially with temperatures dropping, as pressure can drop along with the temperature. Driving with tyres that have low pressure increases the risk of an accident occurring due to premature tyre wear and your car’s handling becoming less predictable.

The climate control and defroster of your car are vital in ensuring that you are both comfortable and safe during the winter period. The climate control system will help keep you warm while the defroster will prevent your windows from icing up. So, before winter gets underway, be sure to check that your car’s window defroster and climate control system are functioning properly.

Keeping yourself safe on the roads

One obstacle that you’ll have to face and overcome in the winter is that the sun sets earlier in the day. So, you’ll want to make sure that your vehicle’s lights are all functioning as they should and they’re as bright as possible. If you notice that one of your lights is faulty, be sure to get it repaired before winter starts. Additionally, if your headlights are foggy or yellow, consider replacing them. Maintaining your visibility in these weather conditions is essential to road safety.

Driving safely and sensibly in winter is just as important as checking that your car is functioning as it should. Make sure to keep your eyes on the road and look ahead. This ensures that you can react in good time to any situation that arises ahead as stopping distances are likely to increase over winter due to rain and ice.

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