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Star Tech has become the only garage in Poole & Bournemouth to offer a new approach to car maintenance, saving you time and money on giving your car a clean bill of health. Here, our Managing Director, Matt Peacock, describes this service in more detail.

Have you ever had a New Year’s resolution for your car? At Star Tech, we are encouraging people to head into 2020 by detoxing their car – not just themselves.

This doesn’t mean large repairs or a full service. It simply means a full and comprehensive cleaning of your car’s important mechanical areas. We’ve recently invested in an incredible piece of equipment, the Forte Power Clean, which allows us to detox all of your car’s vital components. It’s a quick, cost-effective and easy process meaning you can drive into 2020 knowing that you’re at the wheel of a healthy car. So, what does this New Year detox include?

Breathe life back into your air intake

If the engine is the heart of a car, the air intake is its lungs. A dirty air filter will ‘suffocate’ a vehicle and lead to problems such as poor fuel efficiency and smoke from the exhaust pipe. We can help breathe life back into your air intake by flushing out any contamination from the inlet manifold and inlet valves without the need for dismantling.

Unclog your fuel injectors

Fuel injectors can get clogged with particles resulting in a number of problems with your car’s overall performance, fuel economy and emissions. Whereas previously the injectors would have to be removed and the engine dismantled, we can now directly clean the area with a highly concentrated cleaning solution.

Keep your diesel car clean & green

Every diesel car leaves soot and residue when it burns fuel. This is why diesel cars are fitted with a filter (DPF) which captures all of this soot to reduce emissions. Over time, your DPF can become blocked resulting in a whole host of problems. We can now easily flush out any contamination from DPF’s without the need to remove it from the vehicle. This can help you pass an MOT that otherwise your car may have failed due to poor emissions.

This month only, we are offering 25% off any of our engine cleaning services. Get in touch with us to book a car service by calling 01202 694758

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