Why it pays to maintain your car

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Aside from the obvious appeal of having a reliable, good-looking vehicle, taking care of your car with timely and high-quality maintenance and servicing can also pay dividends when it is time to sell.

While in the past we might have kept our cars running for the long term, modern financing options mean that many people choose to move on to a new vehicle on a far more regular basis.

This means that car owners are keeping one eye on the resale even as they are enjoying their new purchase, and with the resulting wealth of impressive options on the market, buyers are naturally seeking and expecting the best.

So how can you make sure that your car stands out for the right reasons and maximise the potential to recoup some cash when you come to sell?

Choose the right garage

First things first – get a great garage. If you think of your car as an asset it makes sense to invest in the best, however that doesn’t mean paying over the odds. Look out for experienced and well-qualified technicians with expert knowledge of your car make and model. They will have the right tools and experience to make sure repairs are carried out promptly and correctly, using quality parts and materials. Not only that, but savvy buyers might well look favourably on finding a reputable garage recorded on servicing logs, especially if they’re in the market for a high-end prestige car.

Don’t miss important dates

Next, keep on top of maintenance. Missing or late services might not impact you immediately, but they could be a red flag for potential buyers looking out for signs of what kind of car owner you are. A full service before you come to sell could also help boost your resale price. And of course, it’s important to tackle any issues as soon as they occur, which could save you shelling out for a bigger repair a few months down the line, as well as keeping other components running sweetly under the bonnet. That maxim applies equally to bumps and scrapes too – rust and corrosion will end up costing you much more, not to mention being a total turn off to buyers.

Keep it clean

And of course, you need to be sure your car stays shiny – inside and out. Again, keeping this up on a regular basis is the best approach to prevent damage. Invest in the right products, including using a good quality polish at least twice annually – a must to protect the paintwork. For the interior, fabric protection products can be effective, especially if you have young children. And with leather seats, regular conditioning can help prevent drying and aging. Also, there’s nothing like a shiny set of alloys to catch the eye, so cleaning, protecting and refurbishing them when necessary is a good idea.

Keep your papers in check

Finally, keep your documents in good order; a full set of documents, including evidence of servicing, MOTs, oil and filter changes and maintenance, will mean you can ask for more when you sell. A simple folder can help you keep them safe in one place.

Look after your car and your car will look after you – in more ways than one. Not only does proper car care and maintenance maximise your enjoyment of your vehicle while you have it – it can help maximise its value when you come to sell too. If you are a Mini, BMW, Mercedes or Smart driver and require a car repair, service or MOT, get in contact with our friendly team on 01202 694758 or by emailing info@star-tech.co.uk. We’ll even return your car in a squeaky-clean condition when you bring it to us!

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