Show your car some love this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is this month and as such, it is the perfect opportunity to show that you care about your vehicle by paying it the attention it deserves. Regularly servicing your car shouldn’t be a chore but rather an important part of fostering a relationship with your vehicle that is cost-effective, smooth and gives back to you in the long term.

Keep an eye on your tyres

Your vehicle’s tyres require regular attention, especially in winter. If tyres aren’t checked regularly, they can quickly become deflated due to the constant friction with the road. This can lead to the uneven wearing of the tread. Therefore, we recommend checking them at least once every two weeks. Having properly inflated tyres also helps with the fuel economy of your car. 

Working bulbs key to visibility

Visibility is vital to driving safely; you must be able to see other drivers and they must be able to see you. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that all your vehicle’s bulbs are in working order. Checking this is simple and straightforward. The light should be equally bright and even on both sides. A dim or yellow bulb is a good indication that they need to be replaced. If a bulb has blown, it’s likely that the other will follow shortly so don’t disregard any issues you notice.

Our valeting service

A clean car is just as important to overall maintenance as a mechanical checkup. Having your vehicle professionally valeted removes pollutants and grime from the paintwork which can cause damage if left. A clean, well-kept car can also net you more money if you intend to sell it.

Checking and topping up your fluid levels

Checking the oil, coolant, screenwash, brake, clutch and power steering fluid levels of your car is a straightforward job that takes seconds to do. If you check the oil and it is low, then top it up using a funnel to avoid any spillage. It is important to regularly check fluid levels as a low engine level will cause the engine to wear more quickly.

If you are a Mini, BMW, Mercedes or Smart driver and require a car service, repair, or MOT, get in contact with our friendly team on 01202 694758 or by emailing We’ll even return your car in a squeaky-clean condition when you bring it to us!

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