It’s the season for Spring cleaning – and spring servicing too!

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As the days lengthen and the weather improves, it’s time to prepare your car for the new season. Star Tech has the technology and experience to help keep your car healthy all year round.

Spring is a great time to tackle those niggly jobs and make sure things are shipshape at home – and here at Star Tech, we believe the exact same approach should be applied to our cars as well.

After a winter driving in wet, cold conditions on salted or gritted roads, this is a perfect time to service your vehicle. Thanks to our experienced technicians, with their superior knowledge of Mercedes, BMW, Mini and Smart cars, and our purpose fitted service centre equipped with the latest specialist tools, with us you can be completely confident of a thorough and professional job.

We can provide all major and minor services plus MOT checks, repairs and diagnostics. And – despite what the dealership might have told you – we are able to service and maintain your car whilst it is still under warranty, always using genuine parts so you will receive the same two-year warranty as you would with your main dealer.

As well as having professional help, there is also some essential maintenance that you can be doing yourself. Neglecting fluid levels, such as engine coolant and oil, can spell doom for your car, so check you have the correct amount. It’s a straightforward job that only takes seconds to do.

It’s also essential to ensure your tyres are kept at the recommended pressure range. Tyres can quickly become deflated (especially in wetter weather) due to the constant friction with the road. This can lead to the uneven wearing of the tread and costly replacements. If you’ve been using winter tyres, now is a good time to change to all-season tyres for the spring and summer.

Winter always leaves a car looking dirty, so make the most of the better weather and clean your car to remove pollutants and grime from the paintwork which can cause damage if left.

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