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Our New Normal.

Back on 23rd March 2020, the Prime Minster took a bold step and told everyone they had to stay at home, with a few exceptions, to try and limit the spread of Covid-19. Never to be someone who takes unnecessary risks, I took a bold step to close the doors of Star Tech to help protect our customers and staff, even though we were classed as a business that could remain open.

Here for you.

Finally, the time has come to start our new normal whilst opening back up. We are taking little steps with a reduced team, this gives us the chance to implement and test our new working procedures.

For bookings already in place, these measures should have been explained to you but if not, here is what we are doing to keep you and us safe.

Dropping your car off

We are working by a strict ‘booking only’ policy. If you turn up and do not have a booking, then we will have to ask you to return to your car and call us. If we are able to help then we will do so, otherwise we’ll provide you with an agreed booking slot to return to us at a later date.

Once booked in and given one of our 15 min time slots to drop your car off, please ensure you arrive on time, park your car up, turn OFF your Air Con fan and close all vents. Place the keys through the letter box. One of our service advisors will call you once they have collected the keys to confirm we have them and to check the work we are to carry out.

Collecting your Car

Once the work has been completed, our service advisor will call to take payment by card over the phone and then give you a time slot to pick your car up. We will place your invoice and any associated paperwork is left on the passenger seat and the keys will tucked behind the sun visor. At this point, the service advisor will wipe down all touched surfaces. Don’t worry, our service advisor will have an eye on the car at all times.

Loan cars

We are still offering a loan car service but again this will be on a reduced level. We have 4 Smart ForFour loan cars and these will be given out 1 per day and used on a 4 day rotation basis. Each car will be sanitized on return.

We still need to carry out the formalities of checking your driving licence information and getting you to sign for the loan car. If you have never had to use the driving licence check site, here is the link .This will generate a code in advance which you will need to email to us with the last 8 digits of your driving licence number. For the loan car form we will email a PDF document that you can sign online and return to us by email. These will need to be returned to us before you can use the loan car. If you have any trouble completing these forms, please ring and speak to one of our service advisors.

Collection and Delivery

Collection and delivery has always been a big part of the way we work. We can still come to your house or place of work and pick up your car. However, things will be a little different.

Firstly, we will provide you with an agreed time slot and call you as we are leaving Star Tech. Secondly, please leave your key in a safe place for when our driver turns up. Thirdly, ensure your Air Con fan is turned off and close the vents. If you can leave the car standing for 72 hours, that would be great but we are aware that this is not always possible. Our driver will then wipe down any touched surfaces before bringing the car back to our service centre. On returning the car to you, we will once again give you a time slot. As previously, our driver will park the car, wipe down all touched surfaces and leave the key in a safe place as pre-arranged.

Finally, we want to keep you as safe as possible. Whilst your car is being worked on, our technicians take every care using the correct PPE. We appreciate all of your kind co-operation with our new normal procedures. Thank you so much.

Matt & the Team

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