Important MOT Guidance.

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Beat the rush this Autumn by planning ahead of time.

Important MOT Guidance. Let’s admit it, when we discovered our cars could go a little longer due to the MOT extension, most owners did a little jump for joy. After all, it’s easily comparable to a trip to the dentist! 

However, the government’s initiative to soften the COVID crisis for car owners didn’t come without its drawbacks. Many cars have been driven in an unroadworthy condition as a result, putting owners and other road users lives at risk. 

Small maintenance jobs that were needed have evolved to become larger repairs as they were neglected early on. Furthermore, there is now a new problem facing car owners, so please take heed. 

As lockdown eases and the MOT extensions have been revoked from 1st August, the industry has come to face a huge challenge of working through the massive backlog of tests. The DVSA has predicted that there will be a 200% rise in demand from mid-September through to November, possibly even December. Their important MOT guidance (and ours too!) is to book early, even if it means losing a month on your expiry date. We really can’t stress this enough. April is generally a busy period for MOTs with 3-year-old registered cars having their first test. The result of moving this to the second busiest period of the year in September means that the system will be at bursting point. Please do plan ahead as driving your car without MOT could cost you up to £1,000 in fines! 

Check your MOT deadline here.

We can help you. 

Here at Star Tech, we can arrange your MOT for you

Each month, we send due date reminder letters to all our customers. Ensuring these are delivered earlier than usual is a priority at present so that our customers don’t get caught out. We specialise in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Smart, Mini and Jaguar but if you own another brand, please feel free to contact our service team for advice on when your vehicle’s MOT is due. We have access to this information if you are unsure. 

As you are probably aware of your certificate expires you face prosecution for driving illegally alongside the incurring of heavy fines and invalidating your insurance. Don’t forget, you can get your MOT carried out with us up to a month (minus a day) before your due date for just £40. Don’t get caught out 

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