Forte Power Clean Machine at Star Tech in Poole

Detox your car this January with 25% off all of our Forte Power clean services. Usually £300.

Keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently is a struggle especially on older diesel cars. That is why we have invested in the Forte Power Clean machine. This is a 4 in 1 machine that cleans every part of your engine to make sure it can perform at its best.

injection Injection

We are able to clean the injection system without the need to remove the injectors saving you time and money. By breaking down the build up in and on the injectors helps them work more efficiently allowing the engine to run smoother.

turbo Turbo

Cleaning the internals of the turbo can improved the performance of the car making it respond quicker. With the Forte Power clean we can do this without the huge costs of either replacing or overhauling the turbo.

air intake Air Intake

The air intake is probably one of the most important areas to clean as this acts as the lungs of the engine. If you can’t get the air into the engine it will have a massive impact on the fuel required to run properly making the car smoke and ultimately pollute the air, we breathe. The cleaning of the air intake also covers the EGR valve that can stick over time.

dpf DPF

The biggest issue for a diesel car is the Diesel particulate filter (DPF). These can block and clog for a number of reasons not just from age. This will cause the engine light to come on and ultimately cause your car to fail the MOT. We are able to clean the DPF removing soot and ash bringing it back to near new condition without having to remove it from the car, saving huge amounts of money.

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