Mercedes Benz MOTs at Star Tech

Nobody enjoys the annual MOT test, however here at Star Tech you can rest assured that we make every effort to ensure the experience is as pain free as possible. Whilst your car is being tested you are welcome to wait in our relaxed waiting room.

Your Mercedes-Benz is designed to only need the minimum amount of maintenance however the yearly MOT is a necessity. If your car is refused an MOT for any reason we will discuss the possible actions with you and would only carry out any work if authorised. Once any necessary repair work is complete we will carry out a FREE retest on your vehicle.

Courtesy Wash
If you choose a service from Star Tech, we will wash your car before you get it back.
Did you know?
You can arrange any service from Star Tech, give us a call on:
01202 694758.
Loan Car Service
If you leave your vehicle with us, we can offer you a loan car to make sure you can still get around.
Your understanding is crucial
We will make sure that you know what work is required, when it needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Mercedes MOT Offer

The cheap Poole MOT service we offer to Mercedes-Benz owners includes:

    • Arrangement of MOT


    • Delivery and collection of the car to test station


    • Completion of repairs (if necessary and authorised)


  • Free retest (if required)

If you require a car whilst yours is having its MOT, we can offer you a loan car and after your MOT has been completed we will give your car a courtesy wash.

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